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Portugal offers a variety of lifestyles, Faro, capital of the stunning Algarve region and Portugal’s southernmost city, is one of those underrated gems, it offers a laidback liveability and less touristy, more traditionally Portuguese vibe than other Algarve hotspots. Cloaked in dense green hillsides and rocky shorelines, you’ll find this gorgeous city with a blend of cultural and cutting-edge features, from awe-inspiring stamps of history to cosmopolitan culinary heroes.

It has an attractive marina, well-maintained parks and plazas, and a picturesque cidade velha (old town) ringed by medieval walls. The old town’s winding, cobbled pedestrian streets, squares and buildings were reconstructed in a melange of styles, our luxury apartments are an example of this and within 5-10min walking distance from what all this city can offer.

Its world-class international airport and central Algarve location with regular train and bus routes make Faro an ideal base for enjoying the golden-sand beaches, towering cliffs, and hidden bays that make this part of Portugal so captivating. Here, you can enjoy the cheapest cost of living in Western Europe while basking in a climate that’s wonderful even in mid-winter.

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